Kalsarp Pooja in Trimbakeshwar

Kalsarp Pooja in Trimbakeshwar

Kalsarp Pooja in Trimbakeshwar : Trimbakeshwar is a sacred site for the Kalsarp pooja in Trimbakeshwar, an ancient Hindu temple in the Nashik region, Maharashtra. The Trimbakeshwar Temple is considered to be the Shaktipitha and is listed as one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. If the Stars get caught up in the wrong planning, it will create KalSarpaYog in a person’s life. Kalsarpa dosh is primarily associated with the forces of evil that affect a person’s body and mind.

KalSarpa pooja should be made according to the Vedic Shanti texts. The worshiper must make the first vow to end the KalsarpYog. The festival begins with Lord Varun Pujan, also known as Kalash Pujan, in which the sacred water of Godavari is extracted and worshiped as a god, followed by King GaneshaPujan. It is said that all the holy water, the power of God, the goddess worshiped by this Kalash.

Kalsarp Yog in Kundli:

If a person does not know about Kaal Sarpayog, whether he or she has this dosha or is not sure about it, then there are certain symptoms that he or she can quickly identify and take the advice of an astrologer or panditji.

When a person has this yogi in his horoscope, they often see their deceased ancestors and family members in their dreams. And, in some cases, people see bodies of water in their dreams. A person may feel like a choked person while dreaming. A person who is influence by this yog should cultivate nature, be social, and not have any greed.

Such people are easily identifie as showing great fear of snakes. They often dream of being bitte by snakes. Because of this dowry on human auction, one has to struggle a lot in one’s life and feel lonely in times of need.

It is also say that some people even have aerophobia knows as ‘Phobia of Dark’ and ‘High Places’. To treat this type of Yog in the human horoscope, one needs to find professional remedies or panditji.

Types of Kaal Sarp Yog:

Kalsarpa Shanti Pooja is complete once all the worlds reach between Rahu and Ketu or once all the lucky leads or planets are stuck in a spiteful ring or once all the lucky stars focus on one place in the horoscope then it is call a reunion of planets. then it is time for you to realize that you have kalsarpayog in your life.

Sometimes a few planets are outside the circle or reach of Rahu and Ketu. Such a condition is call ‘Ardhakalsarpayog’ which is half kalsarpayog. Due to the emergence of kalsarpayog in our horoscope, we have to deal with many problems in our health. We earn a lot of money but we do not know how it is spend or how it comes from us. This yog brings negative thoughts to our minds and creates fear in our minds.

Kalsarp Pooja in Trimbakeshwar

This yog brings obstacles to our studies and creates problems in marriage. Kalsarpa Yog also brings the collapse or loss of business. Disputes in a husband’s wife relationship and other problems are also cause by kalsarpa yog. It is therefore very important to make kalsarpa Shanti pooja to eliminate all the problems mentioned above.

The cobra is the main God involve in this pooja. Depending on your desire you can get a small gold cobra idol, serve it and donate to the pandit any other type of donation can also be make.

It is say that a person with this type of Kalsarp yog in his auction may dream of snakes. One sees a snake bite (Sarp).

“There are 12 types of all types of Yog, namely Ananta, Kulika, Vasuki, shankhapala, Padma, Mahapadma, Takshakaa, karkotaka, Shankhachur, patak, Vishdar ne-Sheshnaagyog.”

Kaal Sarp Yog Remedies:

Some herbal remedies do not eliminate the substance in human life but significantly reduce it.

The list of Kaal Sarp Yog Solutions is as follows:

  • The solution is to keep the keek strand in one hand and sing Rahu’s song “Beej Mantra” 108 times daily. Watering the peepal tree every Saturday can reduce the negative effects of Kaal Sarp Dosh. Worshiping Nag devata by donating 11 coconuts to the Nag Panchami river works well.
  • Making Rudra Abhishek on Monday is an effective solution for Kaal Sarp Dosh. One should worship King Vishnu daily to minimize the negative effect of Kaal SarpYog.

Benefits of Kalsarp Pooja in Trimbakeshwar :

To complete the Kaal SarpYog, Each person needs to make puja, helping them to remove the negative vibration in his horoscope. The rituals of Kaal Sarp Puja are perform at the home of Trimbakeshwar Guruji near the Trimbakeshwar Temple, Maharashtra.

  • Helps in Providing Financial Stability.
  • Riding on the results of Kaal SarpYog Dosh.
  • It helps to clear roadblocks for individual tasks.
  • Giving Peace of Mind.

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